Tel Aviv - Seychelles Travel Advisory

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If you are travelling to the Seychelles as your final destination,you will have to visit to submit the mandatory Health Travel Authorization prior to entering the country. You will be required to submit your PCR results, a selfie, your passport details, and hotel confirmation for your entire stay. Please ensure you complete this process immediately after you have your PCR results.


  • Passengers will be advised to board the aircraft by rows, in a specific numerical order, as per their assigned seat.
  • Each passenger will undergo one temperature screening at the aircraft door before final boarding approval is given.
  • Masks will be required for everyone of 6 years and above.
  • Blankets and pillows will be available.
  • Streaming in-flight entertainment will be available on your own device.
  • Meal service from TLV-SEZ is a light snack upon departure, and a hot breakfast before arrival.
  • Meal service from SEZ-TLV is a hot dinner after take-off and a light snack before landing.
  • Complimentary alcohol and hot drinks will be served.

Upon Arrival in Seychelles

  • Upon landing, passengers will need to adhere to the disembarkation instructions as advised by the cabin crew and observe the health and safety measures set by the authorities at the country of destination.
  • Disembarkation will be done in groups as instructed by the cabin crew.
  • Please have your HTA approval ready to show on your phone or print-out.
  • Additionally, you may be randomly selected for additional COVID-19 health tests.

Measures taken

  • Disinfecting surfaces after every flight.
  • The cleaning process includes a wipe down of surfaces and areas such as windows, tray tables, armrests, seats, air vents and overhead lockers in the cabin, lavatories, galleys and crew rest areas.


We’re happy to have you back and hope you’ll have a great journey with us!